The Cactus Patch
Volume 5       February 2002      Number 2

A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

Anyone visiting the Church on Olive Dr. on 25 January, would have seen 5 signs between Building 1 and the church:

There once was an African boy
Who saw a young maiden, so coy
Asked Em as his wife
For the rest of his life
And asks you to share in their joy!

Coming back the other direction, the signs read:

A spoonful of hugs
And a couple of kisses
Today James and Em became Mr. & Mrs.
James & Emily Hargreaves 1/25/02
Burma Shave
(We had to ask -where do kids learn about such antiquated signs? TV, of course.)

James and Emily had a most original and lovely wedding without (much) interference from parents. It was originally planned for next year and our first reaction was, "We can't make it", but Polly found affordable tickets in October, so we flew in on the 20th. For pictures of the wedding, see John's web page at:

While the kids honeymooned at a cabin in Tehachapi, Polly, John & I went with Polly's sisters for a brief visit to Fresno. John went on home to Sacramento and Polly & I were back in Bakersfield for a rehearsal with James & Emily & the community choir at Cal. State on Monday.
We wore T-shirts from Botswana's music camp and gave one to Robert Provencio, the director.

Botswana has been unbearably hot (like a Bakersfield summer) since before Christmas. It is a summer rainfall area but the only rain recently was a shower on 11 January. We attended a summer solstice party on the 21st and had a quiet Christmas (with some neighborhood fireworks) at home with a fake Christmas cactus as our "tree". On the front porch, our Aechmea fasciata (a non-succulent bromeliad) put forth beautiful pink bracts followed by purple flowers. New Year's was likewise quiet except for the fireworks in the neighborhood.

We shall attend the board meeting (hopefully reported elsewhere in the newsletter) and return to Botswana in time to report for work on Feb. 3rd.

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