The Cactus Patch
Volume 12       November 2009      Number 11

Too Little Month...
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

I won’t list everything- just enough to show it’s been too busy lately. Our back fence was falling down due to termites. We then found the termites had infested a board on the patio roof, so we called in an exterminator. On the 24th we moved next door to Anne’s house (no easy task as food had to be moved and protected and plants etc. moved away from the house) and the house was fumigated.

Next day we went to the fair with my mother and saw the club exhibit. That evening we took my mother to FLICS at the Fox. We were amazed at the quality of “Harvard Beats Yale-29-29”. I never expected a football film with interviews to be that great. (Harvard came from way behind to tie in the last few seconds.) There were even locals on hand who had who had been there back in 1967.

On the 26 we moved back home and on the 27th Polly and I went up to BC for the last play of the last Shakespeare Festival. It was a mediocre production (Puck was rather more bummish than puckish.) But it is still sad to see the end of an era.

On the 30th we saw the Jim Cullen Jazz Band as part of the Community Concert Series. They had a clarinetist that almost made me dig out my own licorice stick. And I thought Benny Goodman was dead!

On the 1st of Oct. we went to the Fresno CSS meeting and heard a talk on the recent trip to Bahia District in Brazil. Too many duplicate pictures made it a lo-o-o-ng evening.

On the 5th Don & Dale Bledsoe came and took down the old fence. (I went to BHS with Don. He was president of the Chess Club & I was vice.) They had a much improved new fence up by the 8th.

The 10th and 11th was spent at the Show & Sale. We had a family lunch there on the 11th. A great show, but maybe we should require carrion flowers to be under smell-proof cover. The Stapelia lenderdtsiae was over powering.

The wind blew in the dust on the 13th, but fortunately the rain held off til the next day. (I remember a storm in Lesotho where the rain came with the dust – a mud storm!) That night I presented 40 years of tourism. Afterwards Polly suggested we might have said more about the Khamas to explain the significance of moving the Capital from Mafeking (now Mafikeng).

While Seretse Khama was in England earning a law degree he met and married an English woman, Ruth Williams. This was intolerable to South Africa which did not permit such marriages and pressure was put on Britain to “correct” this. Seretse was banned from his home village and not allowed to assume the chieftenship there. The citizens of Botswana retaliated by electing him as their first president! A good account of this is found in the book, A Marriage of Inconvenience.

Fumigation - Polly, Bruce & Alice

The Fair - Alice, Polly & Anne

The Fence - Dale & Don Bledsoe

Show & Sale - (L-R) Anne, Linda, Bruce, Robert, Alice, Polly

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