The Cactus Patch
Volume 15       November 2012      Number 11

Summer Travels
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

Setting up for the Fair was a bit of a hassle this year as there were more plants than previous years and they werenít all in place until the last minute. This made producing a plot map extremely difficult. Polly and I went to the fair as usual on Saturday the 21st, but didnít arrive until 3:30 so that we got the free senior parking and entry, but then were there for evening shows. The garden exhibits have not improved (except for the BCSS), but the individual plant entries were great. I especially liked the giant Nepenthes (hanging pitcher plant). We watched an excellent Mariachi Band and then joined the crowd for the Pointer Sisters (two of whom were originals). We bought cheap tickets ahead of time and went back on the 23rd to watch the Spinners (again with two originals).

On Pollyís birthday (the 29th) we went to Dennyís for her free breakfast and then went to the sale of the Green Thumb Garden Club. They had cheap plants, but not all labels were to be believed (euphorbias were labeled Cactus!) We had the car die on the way home (and were rescued by AAA after a long wait) and then went to the Fair a third time and watched Charlie Daniels. Unlike the other shows which were enjoyable, this was loud and the yelling crowd just about deafened us.

On the 4th October at the Fresno club we heard Duke Benadom speak on Uganda. I was especially interested in the Karamoja area which I have not been to. It resembles the area in northern Malawi where Polly and I served in the Peace Corps. The talk could have used about half the pictures, though.

We were in Bakersfield for the meeting on the 9th, but it was a lot like previous meetings on the Show and Sale. The Show and Sale was as good as in the past, but I think we could use more Peopleís Choice ribbons. Itís a good way to get people involved.

On the 10th Alice was treated for anemia with a blood transfusion and had to be kept for a few days to get her salt balance in line. She is home now and recovering.

A 2 inch tall fungus appeared in the back lawn. It does not have the dome of a mushroom, but rather a red, grooved cylinder on top of the white stalk. I have never seen anything like it.

Setting up the fair


Mariachi Band

Preparing for the show

a strange fungus

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