The Cactus Patch
Volume 17       February 2014      Number 2

Beginnings and Endings
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

Christmas brought back lots of memories. Fifty years ago Polly opened a large package only to find a series of packages inside. The final small package was empty! I then presented her with a small box containing a diamond ring. This was our official engagement. The diamond was from my mother’s engagement ring. I had had it reset at Gensler Lee where a friend of mine worked. By a great coincidence, Yolanda, the Leader of our Silver Sneakers exercise group, had started out working at Gensler Lee. She now owns and operates Plaza Jewelry out of the same location.

This Christmas began dramatically when the tree at Anne’s house tipped over during the opening of presents. It was righted without damage and we went on to have a fantastic dinner dominated by the roast beast which Daniel had brought from Arizona. Another down note was sounded when I returned home (next door) to find that the small greenhouse which John had given me was over on its side. Only a few pots were broken and the plants survived, but it took a while to put everything back up. I now have it tied to the back fence!

New Year’s was undramatic and we watched the Rose Parade on TV. It was interesting to note how many of the floats were centered on community service. This gives added value to the sheer beauty of the pageantry. On the 2nd of January we heard Steve Frieze at the Fresno CSS. He spoke on Chile and had excellent pictures, but failed to select only the best. We must have looked at every Copiapoa in existence.

On the 14th we went to the BCSS, of course, and heard the talk on Edible and Medicinal Succulents. I’m afraid I was a bit intrusive!

On the 18th we visited Russo’s Books for the last time – the store is out of business! (They are still available online.) They gave points for visits and purchases. Polly was number 13 on the point list, but they only had 10 prizes. We will miss this store. The Californian had a whole page of fads that are out and in for the new year. Most of them were meaningless for me, but they did list one interesting item - ferns are out and SUCCULENTS are in!! Note that there was no newsletter for January. My letter was published on line, but for those who prefer the printed version, I’m asking the new editor (Polly) to include the January letter with printed copies.

Christmas Dinner at Anne's home with Daniel carving the “roast beast”

Steve Frieze at Fresno CSSA

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