The Cactus Patch
January 2015

Alice Mary Hargreaves 1917- 2014
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

I hope no one was upset at how brief my statement on my mother was last month. Polly had already finished putting the newsletter together and it was inserted at the last minute. Much more fitting was the service we had on 20th Dec. My sister Lora was primarily responsible for organizing us. We had instrumental music by Jean and Phil Dodson, our Goldenaires sang and our friend Chuck Shawver officiated. All ten grandchildren and the four surviving children spoke. Others added their memories and we ended with a video put together by our son John. Part of the video showed my mother with her grandson Joshua (then a baby) among the wild flowers at my grandfather’s ranch at Calpella. I was especially moved when she sang “Poppies, golden poppies”. It was hard to do, but we managed to celebrate rather than mourn.

My mother was not a succulent enthusiast, but she always supported me (as she did everyone) in whatever crazy endeavor we were involved. I am only grateful that Polly and I were able to be there to support her in her last years as she had supported us earlier. It was especially hard on Polly as principal caregiver. We are extremely grateful for the support we have been given in recent weeks.

97th Birthday Breakfast at Denny's

Lora, Robert, Anne, and Bruce

Great-Grands at Lunch

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