The Cactus Patch
November 2015

The Fair & Show, etc.
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

On the 23 of September we paid to see the KC Fair as we wanted to see the Beach Boys that evening.  Although they included some newbies, they sounded like the original group.  While we listened, a small plane flew over with lit advertising.  Then a drone circled with flashing red and green lights.  In the future they will have to regulate airspace over the fair!

Polly’s birthday was on the 29th but we began celebration on the 25th with a luncheon at Don Perico’s for our exercise group.  (Another woman also was celebrating hers.)  On the 27th the family met for lunch at Cinco Limones and that evening we tried to see the beginning of the eclipse of the giant moon.  It was too cloudy.  At the time of the full eclipse the clouds parted, so we did get to see the full blood moon. On the 29th Polly had a free breakfast at Denny,s ,Polly and I had dinner at the Saigon and on the 30th she had another free breakfast at Black Bear Diner.

On 1st October we went to Fresno and heard Robert Scott, the treasurer, explain how to grow succulents.  Yet more recipes, but he did suggest that not everything works in all cases.  Not too bad for a last minute replacement speaker.

On Friday the 2nd we celebrated Polly’s birthday with her sisters. Also a library branch had a book sale as they are moving.  For $5 we got a whole bag of books.

On Saturday we went up to Tejon School for the anniversary of the Ridge Route.  Outside Tejon Indians were beating up a storm and inside there were exhibits including costumed people from Fort Tejon.  I was interested to see stromatolites from the Ridge Route.  These are fossil algae from ancient seas.

On the 10th we took plants to the show and sale and Polly made herself useful sorting tags on purchases.  It was great to see a real crowd and more vendors. The plants were outstanding, especially the three blooming Pachypodiums and the blooming Brighamia.  My only criticism was on the garden ornaments.  Guns with “We don’t dial 911” were a bit tasteless in view of recent shootings.  Next day, of course, we were back and then took our plants home.

I spoke on the Millennium Seed Bank on the 13th and Anne ran the brag table.  There were some beautiful plants there. 

Polly at Black Bear Diner


Ridge Route Anniversary


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