The Cactus Patch
November 2016

A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

We took plants and minerals to the fair on the 19th of September and returned on the 23rd (Sr. Day) to check out the results and the rest of the fair.  The succulent exhibit was improved by the grouping.  I got no award for my exhibit on “Minerals of the Malothi- Mountains of Lesotho”.  The so-called Egyptian animal exhibit had a lot of animals that aren’t even from Africa.  We stayed for the Queen Nation production that evening, but it was mostly painfully loud and there were lights flashing at the audience!  A few numbers had softer sound and lights and were endurable.

We watched the presidential debate on the 26th, but I’ll talk about that after the election.  The 29th was Polly’s birthday and she had a free breakfast at Denny’s.  In the afternoon we saw the remake of Ben Hur.  Why are they making so many make-overs?  They are usually disappointing. (An exception was the new Tarzan which brought East African savanna animals thundering through the rain forest to the West Coast! Fantastic -- unless one takes it seriously!)

Next day we saw the ballet of Peter Pan at the Fox.  I was curious to see how they “flew” the actors as I played Michael when I was a freshman at BHS and was one of the few who got to fly.  The ballet did an excellent job –I only noticed the wires twice.  The quirky crocodile was delightful.

We were at the show and sale on the 8th of October and were pleased with the circular tables.  It is an excellent way to show the plants.  Perhaps next time there can be raised ones in the middle?  I was astonished at the continuous line choosing from the sellers from the minute we opened.  The ability to accept credit cards helped speed things up.

I apologize if I took too much time at the meeting on the 11th.  I got a little too enthused over the 50th anniversary of independence in Lesotho.  At least Tom Glavich did not seem to mind and got through his presentation while everyone was still there.

K.C. Fair Succulent Exhibit

Bruce Rocks at K.C. Fair


Polly, Tom Glavich, and Bruce at BCSS Meeting

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