The Cactus Patch
December 2018

Abrasive Times
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

On the 26th of October our nephew Daniel took me to the Community Learning Center by Memorial Hospital.† It seems there is an overgrown planting of succulents along the canal bank which was put there by our club years ago!† It needs a lot of work.† The Learning Center is suggesting just removing everything, but I said it would be an excellent garden with just a bit of care.† Does anybody have suggestions?

On the 1st of Nov. we heard a talk on succulent pumpkins by FCSS member Nicki Bradford.† Iím not sure why (itís said to be artistic) people are now gluing succulents and various pieces of ďnatureĒ onto the tops of pumpkins as decoration.† Chaucin sa gout.

Your editor has instructed me to avoid politics so I will just say the 6th Nov. Election was the most acrimonious bit of mudslinging seen in a long time.† We were stirred into action and actually helped on one campaign, but Iíll leave out the bit as to which one since this is not a political newsletter.† I hope we can have more decorous disagreements in the future.

I will mention, however, that politics is influencing matters which should concern our club. Both the November National Geographic and the September/October Sierra Club magazine have cover stories on the reduction of protected lands in our American west.† In particular the attempt is being made (and fought in court) to reduce Grand Staircase--Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments by 85% and 46% respectively.† The reason is the mining of coal and uranium ore.† I was surprised to learn that Newspaper Rock (which I have visited) is part of the contentious area in Bears Ears.† We need to fight for the preservation of our heritage.

The Oct.-Nov. issue of National Wildlife and the Fall issue of Defenders of Wildlife have cover stories on species that will be affected by the proposed border fence. (Did you know there are Agaves that will be decimated by this fence?)† Finally the Fall issue of National Parks has a cover story on Marine Monuments. There are five such monuments scattered across the Pacific and attempts are being made there for a reduction of size and protection.† This is not so relevant for our club as I saw few natural succulents in traveling across the Pacific, but the unbelievable beauty of the atolls is worth preserving no matter what your interests are.

On 12th Nov. Polly insisted on visiting the veterans memorial to see the crocheted poppies on display.† By coincidence I had on a red jacket, white shirt and blue pants, so I fit in with the general crowd.

On 13th Nov., of course, we heard Gunnar Eisel present a very inclusive show on the Succulent Hobby. I almost cried when he showed a video of our friend the late Gerry Barad.

I have learned that Myron Kimnach, Director of the Huntington Botanic Gardens for 25 years and Editor of the Cactus and Succulent Journal from1993 to 2003 has died.

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