Welcome to Renewable Resources

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Expensive Utilities?

We can help make your home more efficient

Ready to ditch utilities completely?

Our complete Photo-voltaic/energy system, enables you to be your own utility company. No more electric bills!

Micro Grids

For developers looking to power new installations, communities wanting to save together or small business. We have your power solution.

Available Services

Home Efficiency

We begin the process by installing sensors in your home. These remain in place for a period of at least seven days. This helps to determine the average energy consumption. From the resulting data, we can make accurate recommendations as to which installation will provide you with the most benefits.

Home installation

Once you have a clear idea of what your energy needs are, we will provide complete installation of any necessary components. Out trained technicians can quickly and with minimal disruption have your new system installed. Before you know it, you will wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

Micro Grids

If you are already in an area where we have installations or would like to consider the installation of a neighborhood micro-grid please contact us. The benefits of shared solar and storage can cut costs significantly. Don’t worry if you are not though, as recent progress in technology has made solar energy and storage even more affordable than ever before. *

Why Choose Renewable Resources?

Unlike our competition we enable you to cut the cord completely.

  • With full "Off the Grid" capability, you save;
  • Money
  • The environment

*A typical home in the U.S would be provided sufficient power from our basic 5 kW system which starts at $9000. Higher power use such as electric vehicles or inefficient heating or cooling systems may call for additional power such as our 9 kW system available for the low price of $15,000.