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My Home Built Arcade console
And now check out my new Arcade Machine!

I built this using a controller scavanged from an old keyboard. This means I took apart a keyboard and traced the pin outs from the controller chip to various keys.

console parts Here I start to assemble the console.

Keyboard controller Here's a close up of the controller-I've soldered wires to all its pin outs.


Here I start wiring

Almost done I went with screw connections to make it easier to reconfigure keys later if necessary.

assembled This is the complete console- Still needs some cosmetic fixes but it all works.

console Note the coin buttons on the front :)

consolefinished console Well here it is all finished- I glued a foam pad to the forward edge and covered it in black felt. I also added a trackball for playing centipede.

Now You need something to run on your console so check out- Multi Arcade Machine Emulator

And the game ROMS at Roms Mortal Kombat

Now there's an easier way to have your own inexpensive arcade console-

  • 1. get a kikijoy usb to playstation adapter.(warning these don't work with windows xp, there is a new kikijoy-X but it still has issues so you may be better off with something else such as this usb 2 playstation adapter but I haven't tried any others and the kiki-x works fine for me.
  • 2. get a playstation arcade controller- you can pick one of these up for $10-$49
Here's a picture Works great with MAME and playstation emulators.
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Why Chilembwe?

I was named after John Chilembwe and so when choosing a Domain Name this one seemed a good choice.