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Gone Wireless!

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Well I've shifted my whole network over to wireless now. My room-mate has a linksys wireless router set to the default network settings of which is connected to the internet.

Using the software that came with the d-link usb/wireless device I was able to determine the mac addres of this linksys router. I then connected a linksys WAP11(wireless access point) to this mac addres . I then ran the ethernet cable from the wap11 to the internet port of my original linksys router. It didn't work at first till I remembered that both sides of the router were connected to so the router didn't know where to route internet traffic to. I switched my internal network to and, problem solved. Then to add further complexity I ran the ethernet from my linksys router to another linksys wireless point and set this up as a secure wireless access point for my internal network by limiting access to it to specific mac addresses. This seems to be working very well so far. Course I still have my ethernet hubs and swithches so I can still use cable for some things.

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