Night eyes

In the dark far from any light
moving slowly without sight
suddenly twin lights shine out
like a cars lamps piercing bright
their light seems to almost fill the night
filled with dread I nearly shout
What could they be, these lights I see
they glow so strong with fierce intensity
and they are moving ever nearer
I turn to run and attemp to flee
but my legs are failing me
and the lights appear clearer
What is it that nears so fast
a demon from a distant past
a spirit come to haunt me
perhaps an illusion not to last
it may dissapear in a sudden blast
I clench my eyes tightly
I open my eyes and they are still there
that strange, glowing disembodied pair
and now they've stopped
a fierce and terrifying, piercing glare
but wait, are these eyes that at me stare
Their intensity dropped
Once more the cat blinked
and again the lights winked
relief washed over me
out of the night it had slinked
perhaps to me it felt linked
but how could I now see
Behind me the moon rose bright
illuminating the once dark night
reflecting from those eyes
and now by the pale blue light
I could see that which caused my fright
and realize my suprise
Once more I turned to walk away
but something caused me to stay
then the howl began
how it sounded I can not say
I know no words formed that way
and then I turned and ran
This creature was a cat no more
my fear returned stronger then before
I felt it at my heels
a shiver ran straight to my core
was this a beast from acient lore
terror my strength steals
It's breath is hot apoun my back
I tense for the on coming attack
then silence

I stumble and nearly fall back
elusive speed I surely lack
unbearable suspense

I turned to see what was in store
it was gone there no more
vanished without a trace
all was quiet as it was before
no sign of its horrific roar
had it really given chase

The world dissolved in a mystic way
suddenly I faced a clear bright day
I was in bed safe at home
as the mists of dreams faded away
I resolved that I would stay
no more in the night to roam
CaptNemo home