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Scuba sites/Information


Bali Online Contains eleaborate cutural & travel information about Balis and Indonesia presented with original artworks and photographs. List of best diving sites and beaches.
Belize Online Tourist Guide

Boston MA. USA

Costa Rica

The Civilized Explorer Adventure Travel Page Civilized Explorer ADVENTURE TRAVEL . Whether you spell it eco-tour or ecotour, you've foundthe page for responsible ecological tourism and adventure travel.


dive.tek - The Dive Technologies Conference & Exhibition

DiveWeb's Recreational Diving Center Enjoy the following article reprints from UnderWater magazine,the official journal of the Association of Diving Contractors. .Commercial SCUBA: What Requirements? - article reprint,UnderWater magazine, Summer 1993 .

Dive Dominica/Castle Comfort LodgeDive and Lodging information and descriptions, u/w & land photos, and a Dominica map

The extensive
Guide to Historic Wreck Sites

ScubaEquipment Mart Scuba Equipment for Sale . The Equipment Mart is a free servicesponsored by EmiNet and Sink the Stink.

Dive clubs worldwide Someone in rec.scuba suggested a list of dive clubs around theworld as a useful resource. Several people foolishly volunteeredto maintain it: (Gus Bricker) (Eric Lader)

Hawaii OnLine


St Kitts & Nevis


Greg Ryan

UK Diving
U.S. Virgin Islands Tourist, Vacation, and Business Guide

Yachts R us- dive boats in Florida

The Dive Site

The Divers Connection, Shear Water Excursions, Inc.

Florida Net

Fisheye of Cayman Information and pictures on Fisheye's boats, hotels/condos, photo/video courses and exotic trips they are leading in the next two years.

Thom's Scuba Page & Diving in Germany (in German)

The Gate House: SabaSaba's premeir bed and breakfast for divers

Grand Turk/Sea Eye Diving Sea Eye Diving Information, dive site descriptions and photos, island photos and a map

Great Lakes Shipwreck Diving & Research Links to all sites concerned with or listing hard information about wrecksites in the Great Lakes. Links to Great Lakes maritime history sites and databases

Hawaii OnLine Hawaii Diving Information

Let's Go Shore Dive'n Information on Kona Hawaii Coast

Infohub WWW Scuba Diving Guide travel information on scuba diving.

Maui Hawaii Scuba Diving

Matti Leinio's Finland Scuba Site

New Jersey Scuba Diving by Tracey Baker Wagner

Pacific Agressors Micronesia

Pacific Offshore Divers, Inc. - a five star PADI facility

Phillipines Diving

Scotty's Dive Site Reports

Eric Parkers Scuba Site:

SiamGuide to Thailand Phuket, Semilian and Pattaya.


TravelBase Scuba Guide a database of over 1200 US dive shops


more Turks & Caicos

OldFart Diver's Association

Pacific Offshore Divers

ReefNet Software WWW Page

Scuba Site

Wreck Database

Yucatan CaveDiving

Saba Deep Scuba DiveCenter

University ofQueensland Underwater Club

Helsinki University ofTechnology (Matti Leinio's Scuba Site)

LUSAC LancasterUniversity Sub Aqua Club

SUB (StudentUnderwater club Bergen) at Uni of Bergen, Norway (English)

SUB (StudentUnderwater club Bergen) at Uni of Bergen, Norway (Norwegian)

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