Why crops fail, bears eat honey, and bees fly in circles.

A Long time ago when animals talked as people do the Sky God called a bee to him and said that he had an important job for him. The bee must carry a magic seed down to the village and plant it there so people would always have food. He must also make sure that no one ate the seed because its magic was so powerful that it would be deadly. The bee was happy to do the Sky Gods bidding so off he went carrying the seed. Soon though the bee became tired and spying a nearby flower stopped for a drink. Now the bee was a forgetful little guy and when he left he forgot the seed. It just happened that at that time along came Bear and he ate the flower and the seed! Bear promptly died. Bears family was very upset and took Bears body to the Sky God and asked what had happened. Now the Sky God saw that Bear had eaten the magic seed and he became very angry, because it was the only one of it's kind and now the only plants left were ones that would occasionally get sick and die. The Sky God called for the bee but he had hidden in his hive and would not come out. Then the Sky God said that the bee's would have to make honey and this would be the favorite food of bears who would not be harmed by bee stings. Today you can still see bees in the fields flying in circles looking for the lost seed.

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