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Research Submersibles and Undersea Technologies page of the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) panel outlines an interesting survey on European and (former) Russian underwater technology capabilities

NOAA's NationalUndersea Research Center ROVs, underwater laboratories and manned submersibles. The site even features an MPEG of an ROV in action!

MIT Sea Grant's AUV Lab is a leading developer of small, inexpensive, highly functional, unmanned underwater robots.

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Hell Above, Deep Water Below - this story will place you within the hull of a WW II fighting submarine

Toys For Big Boys! - Buy or sell exotic and elite items from cars to tourist submarines.

gregor, mark - Sub Base Alpha - Replica of a fast attack 688 class submarine Links include not only information about subs, but links to related and not so related sites.

Jaklin, Scott - a historical tribute to USS Seawolf (SSN 575) the finest submarine to ever log it out underway on nuclear power.

Rogers, Gary Ray - California central coast resident, submarine veteran. Mechanical/Materials Engineer. Curmudgeon. Always looking for career opportunities: resume included.

Spitzer, Judd - good Pictures of submarine and some Central Florida links.

Odyssea Submarine, Inc. - a new concept in underwater flight.


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West Edmonton Mall - World's largest shopping and entertainment edifice. With over 800 stores, indoor amusement park and water park, submarines, dolphins and much more.

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Merchant Marine and Maritime - Ships, manned Submersibles, ROV's, Submarine Yachts

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