The Cactus Patch
June 2016

Birthdays, Gardens & Potlucks
A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

On 17th April we went to Parkside Church where they had a mission Sunday with a potluck lunch.† Our friends the Shawvers were honored as they are retiring from their mission service in Puebla, Mexico.

Next day, my birthday, we had breakfast at Dennyís and an after supper pie at Miltís. When we returned home from Miltís there was a phone message from Ken Weeks, a friend from our Peace Corps days in the Ď60s!† We returned the call and met with him at Miltís for lunch the next day.† Even his friend Jackie could chime in on the reminiscences as she had been a British Volunteer in Botswana in the 60ís.† What a shock to find how tempus fidgets

On the 5th of May our Goldenaires choir began a series of eight concerts with songs from the Beetles!† (We sang eighty-four rather than sixty-four.)† Some of the audiences sang along.

On the 6th we celebrated Anneís birthday at the Red Lobster. We also celebrated at Loraís with lunch on the 8th followed by ice-cream cake and games at Anneís.

On the 10th, of course we were at the potluck at Paulís where many of his succulents were blooming.

On the 13th we had lunch with our exercise group at Don Pericoís.† That evening we had a celebratory birthday dinner at Pollyís sister Marthaís in Fresno. (Her birthday was the week before, but our grand plans to celebrate and visit the Fresno zoo fell through because James just bought a house in Susanville and was too busy to come.)†

On the 14th we went to Mark Muradianís in Laton for a potluck lunch and garden tour with the Fresno Cactus and Succulent Society.† We had seen his garden before, but it has grown tremendously Ė especially the rocks.† He has a whole forest of huge petrified trunks.

Bruce & Polly with the Shawyers

Jackie & Ken with Polly & Bruce at Milt's

At Red Lobster for Anne's Birthday

At Mark Muradian's

A large Petrified Log

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