The Cactus Patch
July 2016

A Letter From Bruce
by Bruce Hargreaves

Itís been an abnormally hot spring, but some things are surviving.† The Agave Americana which I inherited from one my grandfather had in Stockton is once again blooming.† This is unusual since it is only ten years since the parent plant bloomed here.† Perhaps itís because I trimmed off the suckers at the base.

Another spring activity is the humming bird nest in the Ficus benjamini by our front door.† We have two babies this time- one large and one small.

On 21st May we had the joy of owning a house for the first time Ė home repairs.† John spent the day replacing the face boards below the roof in back.† They had dry rot and there were big holes.† There was even a large birdís nest in under the eaves!† Our nephew Daniel and brother in law Dave came over and helped as well.† They managed to get the boards replaced and the new ones painted all in one day.

On the 2nd of June Steve Frieze spoke to the Fresno CSS.† It was an excellent tour of Oaxaca, but there were a few too many very similar pictures.†

Next day we helped set up the Show and sale for the FCSS.† The S&S has always been a bit heavy on the sale side, but this year they have really unbalanced it.† The few show plants were mixed in with the sale plants.† Some vendors wisely elevated these so they were recognizably different, but some left them rather hidden.† Finally the show opened on Saturday, after which Polly and I returned to Bakersfield.† We did not stay for the Sunday half.

On the 7th, of course, we voted.† I will not comment on the politics except to say this is a wild and scary election.

On the 14th we helped John with his video on the Channel Islands.† I hope this last minute substitute was enjoyed by all.† I certainly enjoyed being a part of it.† I hope Daniel gets some prickly pear pads for his tortoises.† They are quite remarkable.† I will take some pictures for next month.

Agave americana

Hummingbird Baby

House Repairs

Steve Frieze at Fresno CSS

Fresno Show and Sale

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